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Energy Corse is “chosen” by the Lotus F1 Junior Team for karting

It’s official: Energy Corse will be supporting the Lotus F1 Junior Team in the realm of karting. At the time being, the collaboration is materializing in the name of Dorian Boccolacci, the French talent who is taking part in the 2013 international karting season in the KF category, precisely with material branded Energy (chassis) - TM (engine).
The partnership has already produced its first important fruits. In fact, at his debut in the KF category Dorian Boccolacci won his first race with the new team at the WSK Master Series on the La Conca Circuit in Muro Leccese (Italy) and got very close to victory with an important 3rd place in the recent WSK Euro Series, also contended in Muro Leccese. Surprising results, considering that the KF is the Formula 1 of international karting as far as non-shifter classes are concerned.

Thanks to the new collaboration, the Italian company owned by Michele Panigada can now claim the prestige of being "selected by Lotus F1 Junior Team,” a credential that also distinguishes the official teams tied to Energy Corse importers abroad, in countries like Australia, United States and Japan.
Future developments of the partnership could see Energy Corse and owner Michele Panigada involved in a more structured effort to search for fresh talents to place on the Lotus F1 Junior Team.

The seven drivers currently selected to be on the Lotus F1 Junior Team are active across various motorsport categories (including karting with Boccolacci) and each one will be supported in all aspects pertaining to driving skills, physical fitness, health and nutrition, social and mental development, business ethics and fundamentals, as well as training in public relations.
Company owner Panigada has commented on the agreement with obvious satisfaction: "I’d like to thank everyone who has made all this possible: my collaborators, our technical partners, and everyone else who has contributed to the ‘Energy spirit.’ It is an honor to have our company be selected by a legendary world-level name of motorsport such as Lotus".

Year after year, Energy Corse has always kept true to the mission of investing in young unknown talents to help them grow into international karting champions and thanks to the collaboration with the Lotus F1 Junior Team this mission has now gotten stronger than ever.

Further detail on the Lotus F1 Junior Team and the collaboration with Energy Corse are available on the website, at the following link: