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Tough Battles at Castelletto for Boccolacci

Dorian Boccolacci has just concluded his second weekend on the circuit of «7 Laghi» at Castelletto (Italy). His two competitions were completely different: in the first, he competed in the Italian Championship and in the second in the WSK Final Cup, in the first he was in KZ2 and in the second in KF, in the first he experienced a double withdrawal and then, in the second, he took a second place on the final podium: what all these elements have in common, though, is the same determination to win, as well as the increasingly stunning performances of a driver who is considered one of the most talented of his generation.

The other elements that these two meetings have in common are the Energy Corse team and Dorian's reference duo, i.e. Luigina Guerrini and Simone Sorio, who are true perfectionists as far as his Energy/TM kart set-up is concerned.

In the last round of the Italian Championship, Dorian competed in KZ2, the class of powerful gearbox engines, where he conquered an incredible victory in the CIK-FIA International Super Cup at Varenne in September, on his second race in this discipline. This time, again, he had an extraordinary TM engine prepared by Bruno Daldosso. He found himself in the middle of the contenders for the Italian title, but it did not take him long to reach the lead pack; indeed, he was third in timed qualifying and second after the qualifying heats, but was sent off the track by a contact and was forced to retire in Race 1. He started last in Race 2, but managed to climb up and fight for victory thanks to his extraordinary times, much faster than his competitors'. Unfortunately he was victim of another contact and lost all the ground he had regained with so much effort. But his performance did not go unnoticed!

He "jumped" from the seat of his KZ2 to that of his KF, two karts that are pretty different as far as driving is concerned, for the WSK Final Cup. Throughout the weekend his speed was always a little lower that the others, but he set some excellent performances anyway. «I know that I will not be able to go for victory if the track is dry in the final race» Dorian explained on Saturday. «I lack a bit of pure performance compared to the leaders. It is not going to be easy!»

This concern, however, did not stop him from winning a qualifying heat and ending the other two heats brilliantly, considering that grip was not ideal because of a few raindrops that kept the track wet throughout the day. But on Sunday, the weather improved progressively through the day. Dorian made a head start in the pre-final, but could not resist Callum Ilott's and Marco Maestranzi's attack. The final race took place in the sun and Dorian fought hard from the beginning to the end to make up for a slight performance handicap, despite improvements made by his team. He managed to take second place after a series of close-fought duels. Ten drivers were faster than Dorian in this race, but he crossed the finish line ahead of most of them anyway.

Though victory did not come to reward his two participations at Castelletto, Dorian can be satisfied with his performances in two different classes, within a week from each other. Dorian was very fast but unlucky in KZ2, though the result achieved in KF shows that he is also capable of making up for a lack of mechanical performance thanks to an unfailing determination to join the podium, despite it all. A masterpiece!