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European KZ1 Champion: Energy Makes It!

The meeting in Wackersdorf (Germany) was definitely one of the two most important events of the season. This is why the Energy Corse team had prepared meticulously for the most coveted European Championship in 2011, KZ1, where the best drivers in the world and all major international teams compete. Italian Paolo De Conto put in a fantastic performance. Leader after the qualifying heats and winner of the pre-final, he triumphed in the final race at the wheel of his Energy-TM/Rizzi. Crowned KZ2 vice European Champion, Swedish Joel Johansson showed that Energy has definitely been the most successful on the very demanding circuit of Wackersdorf. These brilliant results came to add to those achieved over the last few weeks in the WSK Master Series.

De Conto and Energy: The Successful Story Continues

Paolo De Conto put up a near-perfect performance, especially on Sunday afternoon when he was at the lead in 40 of the 42 laps in the final phase. And he crossed the finish line as winner with a clear lead. "Although I won the European KZ2 Championship in 2010 (with Energy team of course), I thought I could not replicate that success on my first season in KZ1, in the middle of such experienced drivers. But I could rely on a kart which was formidably effective from the first to the last lap. Both in the pre-final and final race, once I got in the lead, I could quickly gain ground and then control my race by remaining focussed until the end!"

Energy Always at the Top in KZ2

Fighting each year for the podium or victory in the European KZ2 Championship has become a constant for Energy, which has conquered many victories in this category. This time, it was Joel Johansson who became vice European Champion. "This result is a great joy for me, because I made a silly mistake in a heat on Saturday and I had to fight during the whole final phase to be able to get to second place".

WSK Master Series: Heading Towards the Title

Week after week, race after race, Energy continues to devote all its efforts to allowing its drivers to get to the lead, in all the categories. In the WSK Master Series, Paolo De Conto conquered two more successes, first at Val Vibrata in May, and then at Siena, in June. He is now leader of the KZ1 Championship one meeting before the conclusion. In KF3, Energy put up a splendid team performance at Val Vibrata with Robin Hansson, Thiago Vivacqua, Vasily Romanov, and Dennis Olsen classified from the 2nd to the 5th place! Olsen was only 33rd on the start grid… Again very fast in Siena, Hansson is now aiming to the second place in the provisional standings. The excellent performances shown by Sami Luka and Nicolaj Moller-Madsen in KF2 at Val Vibrata are also worth mentioning, as well as progress made by young hopefuls Isac Valtonen (Sweden), Giuliano Rauchi (Brazil), and Nikita Alexandrov (Russia) in 60 Mini.

Michele Panigada' Comments

"For Energy Corse, it is a fantastic emotion to win the European KZ1 Championship, because this is the first year we have decided to make a real effort in this category. After Dunlop's decision to use medium tyres instead of the soft ones initially chosen, I think we were among those who found the best technical solutions to adapt our chassis to that change and to the characteristics of this difficult circuit, in addition to perfectly managing tyre wear as well.
These titles are also the result of a sporting policy we implemented together with our drivers. Paolo De Conto and Joel Johansson have been in the team for several years now and they have made important progress, step by step. We are proud of the success of this specific work aimed at preparing for the future. I would like to thank the whole team, Energy importer to Germany for his support for this meeting and our preparer Rizzi, which made a great job in this very prestigious event".