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Energy hits the jackpot in Las Vegas
WSK Open Cup title after perfect performance in Final
A great overall performance for Energy in the World Championship
An extremely positive result in the European Championship
Energy and success for Stolcermanis before the European Championship
Another podium for Stolcermanis and Energy Corse in FIA Karting!
Remarkable overall performance for the entire Energy Corse team
Energy Corse takes up residence on the podium
Energy Corse’s 2022 season has begun with victories and podiums
Energy Corse on the most important international podiums
Brilliant performances and a top three at the Euuropean Championship
A high quality lineup for Energy Corse in 2021
A new title in 60 Mini and performances at the World Championship
A victory and a title to celebrate the return to competition
Energy Corse: A strong team already on the podium in 2020
Another successful year for Energy Corse
Energy Corse continues its presence at the major international events
Another world podium for Energy Corse!
Seventh European KZ2 Championship for Energy Corse!
Energy Corse: winner and leader of the KZ2 European Championship
Masterful double for Energy Corse at the Winter Cup
A strengthened and energetic team to start 2019
A successful end of season for Energy Corse
Great domination by Energy Corse in Mini
An Energy kart on the Dolomites
Results and ideal training for young drivers
Winter Cup, WSK... Podiums come one after the other for Energy Corse
Energy Corse ready to take up the challenges of 2018
Energy Corse win the IAME and Rok Cup Finals!
Worldwide performance for Energy Corse
Energy Corse on the podium
Negro joins Energy for the KZ2 Super Cup in Sweden
Energy Corse: Spirit of conquest!
WSK: Four podiums for Energy at Castelletto
Energy: A high-performance chassis and a competitive team
Energy Corse finishes the season with a bang
Energy Corse never gives up!
The European KZ2 title back at Energy
Johansson and Energy poised to conquer the European Championship
Always count on Energy Corse in KZ2
Energy Corse: solid reasons to shine in 2015
Energy and Juodvirsis ahead in the European Championship
Focus on Energy for victory
A Healthy Dose of Energy before Winter
Tough Battles at Castelletto for Boccolacci
Energy Corse, A Reference Point for KZ2
Germany: Energy Wins in KF and KF-Junior
WSK: Boccolacci Leads the Two Series. Energy Corse: Everything for Victory
Energy, Rotax Partner
Energy Corse is “chosen” by the Lotus F1 Junior Team for karting
Winter Cup - Trofeo Margutti - WSK Euro Series (I round) 2013 - Un team al TOP per dei risultati TOP
WSK Master Series 2013 - I round - La Conca - Energy Grabs First Win in 2013
One More Victory!
Energy: Winner Again, Leader Again!
Energy: 5 European Titles in KZ2 in 9 Years!
Results, in Each Race
New Drivers, New Successes
Energy Collects Successes
European KZ1 Champion: Energy Makes It!
Winning Season Debut
Winter Cup: Brilliant Performance by Energy in KF3
WSK Master Series: De Conto Wins in KZ1