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Energy Corse, a company of great respect in the kart world, was founded in 1997, out of its foundation members’ passion and skill.

From the very beginning, the primary purpose of this company located in the Bergamo area was to widespread the trademark all over the world through high-level resellers.

3 years after its opening, the company was going through up-and-down moments because of market difficulties and high competition. The company was reorganised, whereby father and son of the Panigada family were confirmed once again.

Michele, only 20, proved to be very skilful in taking the company’s reins by extending the importers’ and customers’ network and by strengthening the position of its trademark.

The company took part in many national and international championships, thus providing for the development of its own chassis and accessories.

In 2002, it started taking its own revenge reaching its height with the 125 ICC European championship and the 125cc French championship in 2004.

Years of great development and satisfaction followed, to such an extent that the company decided to invest its own resources by enlarging the production department and the race division.

Just the latter has got an extremely high level structure, which allows our company to confront with sectorial leading teams and to engage highly-experienced drivers.

In conclusion, we can thank all those who have given and will give us support and trust to enable Energy Corse to remain among competitive teams in the world.

Thank you!